October 4, 2015

These are the steps which takes place during solar energy generation

  • Radiation falls on Solar Panels
  • This radiation are then converted into DC current
  • DC Current then passes through Copper Cables to reach Inverters
  • Inverters convert DC current into AC Current
  • AC Power is fed to the building electrical load.

These also broadly happen to be the steps to calculate energy generation

  1. Calculate Solar Radiation

  2. Use Weather Databases: This is the most commonly used means to get radiation data and we have 3 alternatives here too:

    • NASA: Has 12% inaccuracy for India and is FREE of COST
    • METEONORM: Has 7% inaccuracy for India and comes at a cost
    • SOLARGIS: Has 4 – 7% inaccuracy for India and comes at a cost

  3. Calculate Radiation that falls on panel

  4. The above radiation calculated is the radiation that falls on horizontal surface. However, it is important that the solar panels installed at any location in Earth’s Northern Hemisphere face south direction and panels installed in Southern Hemisphere face North Direction. The direction is important and so is the angle on inclination.